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Hazards of pesticides to bees 16th International Symposium of the ICP-PR Bee Protection Group

takes place here:

15-17 October 2024, Sevilla, Spain
Local organizer: Teresa Martin, Elisabeth Giddings, BioChem AGROLOGIA


Organizers of the symposium are

  • Teresa Martin (BioChem AGROLOGIA)
  • Dr. Markus Barth (BioChem agrar)
  • Elisabeth Giddings  (BioChem AGROLOGIA)
  • Dr. Anne Alix (Corteva)
  • Dr. Tomas Steeger (US-EPA)
  • Dr. Jens Pistorius (JKI)


Early bird registration 22nd of June 2024 Registration site (JKI) and payment site (MP)
Registration closes 15th of September 2024 Registration site (JKI) and payment site (MP)
Submission of abstracts 15th of August 2024 Upload online, registration website
Feedback on acceptance of talks/posters to authors 15th of September 2024 Via email to submitting authors
Publication of draft programm 1st of October 2024 Will be sent out via email and published on the website
Final submission of FULL ARTICLES for proceedings 1st of December 2024 Upload online, registration website
Upload of presentations after conference 17th of October until 1st of December 2024
Publication of proceedings Early 2025


At the conference, all topics related to hazards of pesticides to bees and related to bee protection are welcome. As in the past years, different sessions are foreseen, such as but not limited to:

Risk assessment and risk management, Microbials, Non-Apis, Monitoring, Modelling, Semi-field and field, Bee brood.

Meeting location

The meeting will take place at the Caixa Forum
C. López Pintado, s/n, 41092 Sevilla, Spain

Accomodation and more

October is high season in Sevilla. It is advised to book your hotels as early as possible!

Tourist office Sevilla:  https://www.turismosevilla.org/

Tourist office Andalucíahttps://www.andalucia.org/en/sevilla


Please register here: https://bpg-meeting.julius-kuehn.de 

for the conference, taking place 15th- to 17th Oct 2024 in Sevilla, Spain.  

In this portal, you can register and you can also upload

  •  the abstracts for the symposium (published in the abstract book)
  • A full article for the proceedings (published in the proceedings in 2025)
  • Presentations or posters that shall be shared after the conference.

Furthermore, there is a link (Pay now) to the payment site of the company „Maxima Publica“ who is in charge of resolving the payment issues.

You will recieve a confirmation of the payment after paying. And you will recieve a confirmation of attendance after the symposium.