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Gehe zur Startseite des Wissensportal Klimaschutz in pflanzenbaulichen Produktionssystemen.
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Gehe zur Startseite des Wissensportal Klimaschutz in pflanzenbaulichen Produktionssystemen.
Wissensportal Klimaschutz in pflanzenbaulichen Produktionssystemen
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Inhalt: Project details


09.2022 - 08.2025

Contact person

Dr. Bernd Hackauf (ZL)
Tel: +49 38209 45 207

JKI Project team

Institute for Breeding Research on Agricultural Crops (ZL)

Institute for Crop and Soil
Science (PB)

Institute for Strategies and
Technology Assessment (SF)

Associated partner

HYBRO Saatzucht GmbH & Co. KG

The project "PRoKlima" is funded by the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture as part of the German Climate Protection Programme 2022.

Inhalt: Optimisation of the potential of semi-dwarfs in rye for increasing the climate protection performance of cereal crop rotations (PRoKlima)


Rye is characterized by a significantly lower carbon footprint compared to wheat. The development of varieties that ensure stable yields even under changing climate conditions increases the competitiveness of rye and supports climate-friendly cereal production as well as the diversification of our food base as an important pillar of food security. The advance breeding realized in the PRoKlima project creates a strategic basis for improving the genetic productivity and ecosystem performance potential in a neglected cereal.


The overall objective of the PRoKlima project is to develop and provide population rye with improved resource efficiency, stress tolerance, yield capacity and climate change management for organic farming and other forms of sustainable land management. In addition, the further development, evaluation and modeling of semi-dwarf rye with defined grain qualities to improve sustainability and climate-friendly production of bread and feed grains is taking place.

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