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Gehe zur Startseite des Wissensportal Klimaschutz in pflanzenbaulichen Produktionssystemen.
Wissensportal Klimaschutz in pflanzenbaulichen Produktionssystemen
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Inhalt: Project details


01.2023 – 12.2025

Contact person

Jovanka Saltzmann (SF)
Tel: +49 (0)3946 47 5211

JKI Project team

Institute for Strategies and
Technology Assessment (SF)

Institute for Crop and Soil
Science (PB)

The project "MOCOR" is funded by the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture as part of the German Climate Protection Programme 2022.

Inhalt: Economic and ecological potentials of paludiculture on rewetted peatlands for climate change mitigation (MOCOR)

Opportunities for commercial use of paludiculture in construction materials and other products considering opportunities and obstacles of relevant value chains


Drained peatland soils release about 53 million tons of CO2 equivalents annually in Germany and are thus responsible for about 6.7% of Germany's total greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Rewetting is the only way to reduce these GHG emissions. The previous, mostly agricultural use of the land is then no longer possible.


The aim of the project is to identify economic utilization opportunities for climate-friendly wet management of peatland sites in order to provide farmers with an incentive for site-adapted land use. Value chains that suggest an economic exploitation opportunity for paludiculture will be investigated in terms of their barriers and opportunities. A special focus will be placed on the material use of paludiculture in building materials.