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Gehe zur Startseite des Wissensportal Vorratsschutz: ein Garant für sichere Pflanzenerzeugnisse.
Gehe zur Startseite des Wissensportal Vorratsschutz: ein Garant für sichere Pflanzenerzeugnisse.
Wissensportal Vorratsschutz: ein Garant für sichere Pflanzenerzeugnisse

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Vorräte richtig schützen und lagern in Landwirtschaft, Verarbeitung und Handel
Adler, Kühne, Preißel, Schöller

Verlag Ulmer

ISBN 978-3-8186-0924-4

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Advances in postharvest management of cereals and grains
Edited by: Professor Dirk Maier, Iowa State University, USA


Das folgende Kapitel ist von Wissenschaftlern aus dem Fachbereich Vorratsschutz des JKI erstellt worden:

Biologically based control strategies for managing stored-product insect pests
Benjamin Fűrstenau, Garnet Marlen Kroos

The search for and application of less harmful and environmentally-friendly control measures against pest organisms are general trends in agriculture and insofar in stored-product protection. As a consequence, new approaches and more alternatives for conventional chemical pesticides combined with a professional integrated pest management shall be developed. Several biologically-based strategies to protect stored plant products from infestation are known and to some extent already in use, but they still need to be further optimized for a more effective implementation into practice. This includes the use of semiochemicals for the monitoring and control of pest populations and also, the release of natural enemies of stored-product pests (i.e. parasitoids) as biological control agents. This chapter gives an overview of the current knowledge about these two alternative control strategies and discusses possibilities how to increase their efficacy or improve the control of insects infesting stored products by combining different approaches.

Table of contents
1 Introduction
2 Semiochemicals and their use in stored-product protection
3 Biological control of stored-product pests
4 Acknowledgements
5 Where to look for further information
6 References

Publication date: 24 August 2020